Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm so bored I am going to eat my own arm. Just so you know, next time you see me, what happened.

yea. that fun of a day. Nurses are busy, me, not so much.

That whole marriage goal thing

Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that one. Now my friends want to put me online. Not an online dating fan. Tried the eharmony thing and I'm just too guarded about people online. They could be anyone? I mean, really, how do I know for sure that they aren't some psycho killer instead of the fun-loving Friar? (I'm just kidding! I actually know the Friar, we went to school. I'm fairly certian he's not a psycho killer posing as a Baptist preacher. I'm pretty sure, anyway.)

So one friend, Ben Small of the Coney Island Smalls (true devotees will recognize the reference) has suggested this site. I found this one last year, unfortunately it was too late to give it to my friend, Beth, for her birthday, but if she's not dating anyone this year, she is soooo getting a subscription to this. She grew up on a farm and wants to return. Here it is, it's a great read, I know people like this and am in fact related to several like this, so be kind.


Alright. I am painfully bored at work today. It's actually painful to be here. Really.

So . . .

'discernment' is a word that I've used a number of times on this blog, infact, I've used it this very day on this very blog. Here's an article that I just read about discernment and how Christians use it and should use it.

I agree about discerning quality and in fact demanding it. I also think it's important to carefully discern what is good and can be learned from things otherwise deemed 'unworthy' for whatever reason. BTW, I liked the latter portion of the article best.

It's a bit after 4:30 pm my time (1630 if you prefer) and no word from any job today. Wasn't really expecting it, just sorta hoping, ya know.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

randomness on the internet

I am a new subscriber to RELEVANT magazine and have been going online to follow-up on several things I've seen there.

This was a full-page ad and I was intrigued so away I went to the website. I was not disappointed. I'm sure will not be either.


This is not really my music. I'm a country-western kinda gal, but I was intrigued after reading a brief bit on a new album out called The Hi-Hop Violinist and had to check it out online. I'm currently listening to a song called something about sunshine and I kinda like it. Different, very different to the fiddles I'm used to hearing, but interesting.

Look at me. I'm growing.

Check out Miri Ben-Ari when you get a chance.

Conflict Resolution

(note 3 consecutive posts)

side note - I hate it when I take my phone to lunch and forget to turn it on.

OK, so I've talked about this Sunday School class that I'm teaching on communication. The next two weeks are on conflict resolution. Any suggestions on things that I should be sure to include, little nuggets of wisdom? For those of you familiar with it, I'm utilizing Boundaries Face to Face.

What has worked or not worked for you? Whom is the hardest to confront for you? Why? How have your relationships changed as a result of confrontation and conflict resolution?

I know, this is a lot and am just serving as a thought point for you as I think aloud. I'll be working on this tonight after putting the final minor touches on the ol' thesis (At least I hope and pray they are the final minor touches.) so that I can email it away first thing in the morning, yippee!

Thank you for any thoughts or nuggets of wisdom!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

IN job

I receveid a courtesey call last night that they are accepting apps through the end of this month, but I shoudl hear from them next week regarding an interview and that I'm marked as a strong candidate. yea!

And I hope to hear from CO the end of this week, early next and Japan inn 2-3 weeks.

Praying about what to do about L-town.

small goal

My goal this week is to post at least once.

Hmmmm, not about what shall I post today?

OK, other goals, I'll post about other goals. Tomorrow is my last pop day. I have one left and that's it unless direly (is this a word) needed. I know, I know, I say it all the time, but I mean it. I just need to sleep more, drink more water and suppliment that with hot tea, of which I have PLENTY!

I'd like to start walking at lunch again. The weather is getting nicer here and it's time. My butt is fitting my chair just a bit too well these days.

Oh, and for those that already know the next one, here's an update. Sometime last year, maybe early summer, I stated that I had but one goal to acheive by the end of 2006.

To get married.

Yup, that's it, just one goal. I thought, well, it's a year and a half away and I know lots of guys that have potential, at the very least, surely God will grant me this one thing.

Well, if you've read any of my blog back in Feb, I think it was, you know that plan is not going my way. While I do still know many Godly men that love the Lord and would treat their wife well as they grow old together, I don't know that any of the old growing will include me.

Am I OK with not reaching a goal. ya. I'm OK that I'm not reaching this particular goal. sorta. I mean, I don't want to just marry some guy, friend or stranger, because I can or so that I'll meet my goal, that wouldn't benefit anyone and would in fact probably be a disservice. But would I like to be growing old with one specific person as opposed to a group of friends, who I know love me and will call me out when needed? somedays that answer is a resounding yes. There are things you share with only your spouse.

I need to go, off for some girl/tea time tonight. (I KNOW! That's not really helping me get to my goal. Bite me.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Allowing the blessings

So often I shortchange God. I don't give him the credit he deserves. I don't allow for the idea that he can do far more and greater things than I can even imagine. I am so sorry to say that I even second-guess people who have amazing things happen that are completely from God and by no way could they be anything else but God. However, here's an amazing example of someone who has faith that God can move mountains. Ben, I love you and you ROCK!

Perhaps I'm jealous because I'm not allowing God to do those sorts of things in my life lately (the past 2 years).

Guess I know what I need to pray on for a bit.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Job interview

I had a phone interview this morning that went well. I'd really like the job and love to be in Colorado Springs!

My interview was with Compassion International for Event Volunteer Specialist. I'd be traing volunteer leaders, attending some concerts and festivals (which as you know, I LOVE!) and it would be great!

This job utilizes my gifts and skills and knowlegde as well as teaching me things as well. And did I mention it puts me in COLORADO!

We'll see what's next. I hope to hear something in the next week or two on if I've made it to the next stage (there's one stage after this next one) and we'll go from there.


Thursday, March 23, 2006


What the heck have I accidentally done to my page to make the side bar be all the way at the bottom now? Any clues?

More Twin Cities photos

Hmmm, experiencing tech. difficulties.

My current residential area

This is a photo journal of my current town -- the Twin Cities (which I realize is really two cities - Minneapolis and St Paul). Just for you SanNakji!

In no particular order they are, so enjoy the fun!

This is a picture of part of the joy of the MN State Fair. I absolutely live for the fair and would go all day everyday if I could. These are two brave friends who spent an entire Saturday at the fair with my last year. Gedney pickles are of course, made in MN.

Another friend and I went out adventuring one 'nice' Saturday afternoon and came upon this random giant snowman. Well, it's one way to get it off the sidewalk.
This is a lake near my home. You know, in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, everywhere you turn you find one.
This shot is also from the Fair. Red Wing shoes are made in Red Wing MN and they had several on display. This one was a touch to big for me to wear around the Fair though.

OK, so apparently this is all I can get onto this post. More in a moment.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yet another personal inventory

Birth Test: Your birth date describes who we are, what we are good at and what our inborn abilities are. It also points to what we have to learn and the challenges we are facing. To figure out your Birth Number, add all the numbers in the birth Date together, like in the example, until there is only one digit. A Birth Number does not prevent you from being anything you want to be, it will just color your choice differently and give you a little insight.

Example March 20, 1950
3 + 20 + 1950 = 1973
1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20
2 + 0 = 2
Keep going until you end up with a single digit number.2 is the Birth Number to read for the birth date in the example. ______________________________________________
1's are originals. Coming up with new ideas and executing them isnatural. Having things their own way is another trait that gets them as being stubborn and arrogant. 1's are extremely honest and do well to learn some diplomacy skills. They like to take the initiative and are often leaders or bosses, as they like to be the best. Being self -employed is definitely helpful for them. Lesson to learn: Others'ideas might be just as good or better and to stay open minded.Famous 1's: Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Hulk Hogan, Carol Burnett, Wynona Judd, Nancy Reagan, Raquel Welch.

2's are the born diplomats. They are aware of others' needs and moods and often think of others before themselves. Naturally analytical and very intuitive they don't like to be alone. Friendship and companionship is very important and can lead them to be successful in life, but on the other hand they'd rather be alone than in an uncomfortable relationship. Being naturally shy they should learn to boost their self-esteem and express themselves freely and seize the moment and not put things off. Famous 2's: President Bill Clinton, Madonna, Whoopee Goldberg, Thomas Edison, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

3's are idealists. They are very creative, social, charming, romantic,and easygoing. They start many things, but don't always see themthrough. They like others to be happy and go to great lengths to achieve it. They are very popular and idealistic. They should learn to see the world from a more realistic point of view.Famous 3's: Alan Alder, Ann Landers, Bill Cosby, Melanie Griffith, Karen Roundbutt, Salvador Dali, Jodi Foster.

4's are sensible and traditional. They like order and routine. They only act when they fully understand what they are expected to do. They like getting their hands dirty and working hard. They are attracted to the outdoors and feel an affinity with nature. They are prepared to wait and can be stubborn and persistent. They should learn to be more flexible and to be nice to themselves. Famous 4's: Neil Diamond, Margaret Thatcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tina Turner, Paul Hogan, Oprah Winfrey.

5's are the explorers. Their natural curiosity, risk taking, and enthusiasm often land them in hot water. They need diversity, and don't like to be stuck in a rut. The whole world is their school and they see a learning possibility in every situation. The questions never stop. They are well advised to look before they take action and make sure they have all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Famous 5's: Abraham Lincoln, Charlotte Bronte, Jessica Walter, Vincent Van Gogh, Bette Midler, Helen Keller and Mark Hail.

6's are idealistic and need to feel useful to be happy. A strong family connection is important to them. Their actions influence their decisions.They have a strong urge to take care of others and to help. They are very loyal and make great teachers. They like art or music. They make loyal friends who take the friendship seriously. 6's should learn to differentiate between what they can change and what they cannot. Famous 6's: Albert Einstein, Jane Seymour, John Denver, Meryl Streep,Christopher Columbus, Goldie Hawn.

7 's are the searchers. Always probing for hidden information, they find it difficult to accept things at face value. Emotions don't sway their decisions. Questioning everything in life, they don't like to be questioned themselves. They're never off to a fast start, and their motto is slow and steady wins the race. They come across as philosophers and being very knowledgeable, and sometimes as loners. They are technically inclined and make great researchers uncovering information. They like secrets. They live in their own world and should learn what is acceptable and what is not in the world at large.Famous 7's: William Shakespeare, Lucille Ball, Michael Jackson, JoanBaez, Princess Diana.

8's are the problem solvers. They are professional, blunt and to the point, have good judgment and are decisive. They have grand plans and like to live the good life. They take charge of people They view people objectively. They let you know in no uncertain terms that they are the boss! They should learn to exude their decisions on their own needsrather than on what others want.Famous 8's: Edgar Cayce, Barbara Streisand, George Harrison, Jane Fonda, Pablo Picasso, Aretha Franklin, Nostrodamus.

9's are natural entertainers. They are very caring and generous, giving away their last dollar to help. With their charm, they have no problem making friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many different personalities that people around them have a hard time understanding them. They are like chameleons, ever changing and blending in. They have tremendous luck, but also can suffer from extremes in fortune and mood. To be successful, they need to build a loving foundation. Famous 9's: Albert Schweitzer, Shirley McLain, Harrison Ford, Jimmy Carter, Elvis Presley.

What are you? I'm like Carol Burnette and Raquel Welch. Can that really be all that bad? Yup, I'm a 1.

Interesting and encouraging

My car radio is programed to two country stations, a Christian station and public radio.

I often listen to NPR (National Public Radio) when I'm on my way to work and the other day I heard this great story on Morning Edition about a poverty simulation.

I'm intrigued by this program and hope it continues to get people thinking and beyond that - doing.

I'm actually using this as a source in my thesis as a suggestion for future research. Not research that I intend to do, just a suggestion for someone else.

Katrina and Rita really brought poverty to the forefront of our minds and I pray that God will use this disaster to institute grand change. What will I do to change? What will you do?


I've been doing more reading of blogs lately than bloggin' myself. I'm also sorta gettin' into this myspace thing. My fav part is hookin' up with folks from da past.

Why am I talkin' like this. It's a gotta stop.

not new, what are you?

Dynamic Director

As a DIRECTOR, you combine an unusual openness and passion for beauty and style with confidence and a down-to-earth sensibility that allow you to realize your vision.
You are practical and pay attention to the details that others tend to miss.
By focusing on what is real and concrete, you achieve more than those who always have their heads in the clouds.
When it comes to what really matters in your life, you are confident in your ability to succeed.
Having beautiful things in your life gives you pleasure and satisfaction - you have a keen eye for style.
Even when problems present themselves, deep down you know you will overcome these challenges.
When routines get too familiar, you become bored and start looking for ways to spice things up.
You are open to new types of experiences – you are not afraid to take a risk on something new.
You have a highly developed sense of taste – you know what looks good on you, in your home, and in the world at large.
Your independent streak allows you to make decisions efficiently and to trust your instincts
You prefer to have time to plan for things, feeling better with a schedule than with keeping plans up in the air until the last minute.
You do your own thing when it comes to clothing, guided more by practical concerns than by other people's notions of style.
Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.

If you want to be different:
Occasionally let yourself dream a little more, even if it doesn't seem practical or efficient.

How You Relate to Others
You are Dynamic
As someone who is DYNAMIC, you do not have a hard time meeting new people, and you have a bunch of close friends.
You are not overly concerned with what others may think about you, which leaves you free to be thoroughly involved in the world around you.
There are those who find being around people exhausting—but not you! Interacting with others, whether at a party or in conversation, gives you energy.
You have a strong sense of what the world is like and how it should be.
You have enormous respect for those who have earned their success, and have little patience for those who try to bend the rules or ride on the coattails of others' hard work.
Believing in the importance of integrity and hard work doesn't stop you from believing that people will do the right thing—you know that people are good at heart.
You sometimes have trouble understanding why others feel the way they do, but it doesn't stop you from having faith and trust in those around you.
Part of what makes engaging with people so interesting for you is that you occasionally learn something new about yourself or about a problem you're having when discussing things with others.
Your strong worldview leads you to believe that people shouldn't rely on their emotions so much when making decisions.

If you want to be different:
Taking some time to explore others' perspectives could make spending time with people even more compelling than it already is.
Making an effort to see the complexities of situations might open your eyes to alternative perspectives of how the world works.
Those who are as outgoing as you are often need to remind themselves that time alone can be just as fulfilling—take some time for yourself and you might find that there are many things in your inner world that are just as compelling as the world outside your window.

The purple things I feel are pretty right on for me. The green thing is something that I need to do and have a hard time with usually.

If you know me, what do you think? This isn't the best representation of me, I've actually taken several inventories lately for various reasons and this is the least one on. Some of the things listed, I certainly wish were true and others, not really. Who are you? Are you glad? If not, are you willing to let go and change?

Friday, March 17, 2006


Is anyone on this? Do you like it? Why?

I'm on it and only vaguely know what I'm doing. It's fun to find some folks from school and reconnect which has been a theme running through the last year of my life. That's the best part of the deal, I think. Just wondering. I know it was started as a thing for indy bands (my little cousin is on there and playing in the Lawrence KS area if you're around).

Just wondering.

My Thursday

I wish I had every Thursday off with pay.

I decidedto take yesterday off. We had lots of snow on Monday and I should've stayed home then but had to go to work to do payroll. So it snowed again Wednesday and I decided to stay home on Thurs. yea!

I went to bed late (or early Thurs) so I slept until a bit after noon. yea! Then I spent most of the rest of the day working on my Sunday School lesson. It's going to end up being a 2-week deal, but it should be great! This week we'll talk about self-disclosure and the first part of personality types - extroversion and introversion. We'll also begin the discussion on Love Languages. The main part of that conversation will be the following week. Should be good. The idea is that to better communicate love we need to know both our primary love language and that of those closest to us.

A few of my friends have recently joined the blog world. They are just starting, but you ought to stop by and cheer them on! Thanks!
They're both college friends and it's been so good to get back in touch. Go SC!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I coordinate the volunteers for my department and I just had a potential volunteer interview me to see if this is where she wanted to volunteer her services. It threw me off a bit once I realized what was happening. I felt a bit out of place and underdressed. It was really odd. She said she'd let me know later this week.

Speaking of interviews, I had a phone interview on Monday night for a job back home in L-town. Have I mentioned this yet? hmmm, not checking.

It was OK, short, but I learned more about the job. Don't know that I'll take it if it's offered. It's less $ than I'd hoped, but still enough to live on just fine, I guess. I just really think that it's not going to lead me to where I want to be ultimately. I don't see it as a job that is going to lead me down my chosen career path. I don't really know what the is right now, but I don't get the sense that this is the way.

I did find another job that I'm going to apply to that I'm pretty excited about though. It's in Indiana which isn't exciting and further away from where I'd rather be which is Kansas or Colorado, but the job sounds great. I'll let you know.

My boss is gone for the next week and a half.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My desk . . .

I've been tagged by San Nakji and since he has a force shield, I feel I really should follow through here. While I call it my desk, it isn't really. It's the front desk for our Unit at the hospital and everyone uses it, even though I've tried to mark it as my own.

MY THINGS: framed shots of my sisters, a Kansas Jayhawk mug, a green Kansas travel mug with tea in it, a bottle of water, a Captain Hook pen, an operation pen (see March 6 post) and a 'bee kind' stone that someone gave me because I think that they thought I was being mean.

All the other crap is work related and mostly boring: computer, stapler, half a dozen notebooks, slots for papers, a really bad electric pencil sharpener, "RECEIVED" stamp, parking stamp, business cards (not with my name on them) and an isolation gown that someone I'm hoping was wearing because they were cold instead of because they were actually in the iso room.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

What's sexy?

Confidence - sexy
Self-deprecation - not sexy
Self-beratement - not sexy
arrogance - not sexy
ego so big your head won't fit through the door - not sexy
such little belief in yourself that you refuse (willingly or not) to let anyone else believe in you - definately nowhere close to sexy

How often do you fit into which category? What makes you that way? Are they certain situations? Are they certain people? Why can't you get out?

Loosen up and let go of what others think and say. Remember, confidence is sexy.

BTW: This is as much about me as about anyone else who may be reading this post.

Friday, March 10, 2006

My penchant for planning

I'm taking these quotes from the Friar's page.

A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time. Annie Dillard

Spend the afternoon. You can't take it with you. Annie Dillard

I'm a planner. Even if I offer options, they are all planned options. Sometimes this works out great! Othertimes it's a bit of a detriment. Random thought.

ick - the capybara

Anyone know what this nastiness is?

Ick! It's the world's largest rodent and can be about 2 feet high and 41/2 feet long!

Sorry, I don't do rodents well.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


My pirate name is:
Captain Anne Cash
Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Look what I randomly stumbled upon. I LOVE this show!
I must own those DVDs!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

thought from a famous guy

Read this in Life & Style at lunch today.

"The unsaid rule for living in a trailer park is: If the door's shut, don't come a-knockin' . . . but if it's open and you're walkin' by, feel free to say hello."

-- Matthew McConaughey


Hear ye! Hear ye! Please be aware that anytime I use any terminology that might be considered even remotely cool or trendy, it originated (in my life anyway) from my sister, Sarah-Ruby (which isn't her real name, long crazy story).

There, now she has credit.

Is that better, HOME SKILLET?

Quick peek

Just got my CO shots back and there are some great ones! No time now so here is just a quick peek of what lies ahead. I love this one, thanks Friar for humoring me and my desire to take a sidetrip.
More tomorrow!


Kenneth is a small town and we all loved it! These signs are hanging are in the community center, which used to be the old grocery store. This is where we gathered for all of the meals and games. I had to take a shot of the town sign (note that they do not include population size) for my dad, who is named Kenneth. The third shot is of Jeff with the only surviving triplet calf that was born on the farm. And I had to show you my athletic prowess as I (pretend) to snowboard. I purposely chose not to include the one of me on my belly trying to sled down the hill. Not pretty.

Small town joys

Awhile back, several friends and I journeyed southwest to Kenneth, MN. Yup. It's a one-horse town and we had a blast! The first picture is the Wayside Chapel, it's the best! (remember that it was frigid and windy) The second shot is of Marty's folks dairy barn followed by the boys up in the quarry. Finally is the shot of the infamous Pamida store. It's like Alco or Duckwalls - so old, old school fun. I bought candy.


OK, completely different from the previous post is this one.

I just love it! I got to work this mornign and found this beautiful speciman of an ink pen. It really works! You pull the top off to find the tweezers. Now the heart and bread don't come out on mine but the other pieces do and it buzzes and the nose lights up if you get it wrong! LOVE IT!

It all started with a mass campaign to my RN's to get my pens back. I would order pens and they'd be gone in a week (3 dozen). That's insane! It's also not good on the budget. Soooo, I harassed and harassed and harassed and started getting really fun pens. I also currently posses a capt. hook on with red and black feathers, a connect four game pen, a purple heart on a spring pen and OOOOOO, a sponge gun pen. So much fun! That doesn't count the ones that rude people have walked off with. The RNs still have to use boring ones, but I get the good ones and I know if you have tried to steal mine.

HANDS OFF or I'll have to operate!

Home church

OK, I'm aware of home school these days and am aware of the home church scene around the world, just didn't know it was so prevelant in the States. Not sure if I think this is a good idea or not, really. Small groups that enhance the church, absolutely! But I believe that there is a need for accountability. No one is infallible and I believe that we need trained ministers to help us understand and keep us accountable. Do I think that there are people filled with the Holy Spirit and preaching the Word without being educated? yes.

Randome thoughts and prayers from my mind, I guess.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Let's go to the movies

What a great concept! To blend together such talent, drive and creativity in such a short time is awesome! I wish I lived much closer so that I could be a part of the fun, if even just by watching the finished products.

This is about people coming together to draw a passage from Scripture out of a hat, following along an overarching theme and making a movie about it an 168 hours - one week. I was involved in forensics in high school and college. (That's competitive speaking, NOT dead bodies.) I would participate in the impromptu events and have since judged them several times. However, this is the ultimate! LOVE IT! Not sure if I could do it well, but would love to be a part of it somehow one day. Maybe that should be on my "7s" list from a previous post.

Mass-marketing overkill

I've just come across something rather interesting. It's a satire and only about 4 minutes long. Remember, it's a satire. Love to hear what you are thinking. You can see an interview with the filmmaker here.

I agree that it's somewhat nauseating how overthetop things seemed to get with some of the movies, those marketed to the church or not (The Passion OR Harry Potter). This isn't limited to movies either, look at Gary Chapman's Love Language or Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. I in fact, am often more drawn to those that are less promoted or I wait longer to read or see that particular book. There's something with that mob-mentality that makes me leary of certain successes. Sometimes more is not better, people, it's just more. There doesn't always need to be a sequel. There doesn't always need to be commentary. God created us with amazing minds and creativity, give me a little credit for coming up with some things on my own.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I've been tagged

I never was good at tag, but I think I can handle this one from San Nakji.

7 things to do before I die:
1. Go see Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day
2. travel abroad again
3. have a job I enjoy, with people I enjoy (I want both, not one or the other)
4. do nothing but watch movies with someone who will enjoy them with me for 2 straight days
5. have a travel experience that goes as planned (don't travel with me - ever, it never goes well)
6. finish my damn thesis
7. act again on a stage somewhere (OK, so my dream is Dolly from Hello, Dolly, but I know that's way out of my league and I'm OK with that one)

7 things I cannot do:
1. listen to suction sounds too long before gagging (I work at a hospital)
2. Blog without using ()
3. watch Les Mis without crying like a baby
4. sports
5. let go of Kansas
6. believe how hard this really is to come up with 7 things
7. bear lying

7 things I say most often:
1. fabulous
2. I am the Queen of the Freakin' Universe
3. y'all
4. honey (not sure why I've picked this one up, I think it's to avoid people thinking I'm actually from the Frozen Tundra)
5. Don't steal my joy!
6. Dear God, let them approve my thesis SOON!
7. wanna get an adult beverage?

7 books I love:
1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. Bible
3. Safely Home
4. The Giant Jam Sandwich
5. Bembleman's Bakery
6. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
7. have to add Memoirs of a Geisha, as I am almost done with it and it preoccupies my mind

7 movies I can watch over and over again:
1. When Harry Met Sally
2. Kiss Me Kate
3. Godfather's 1 & 2
4. Moulin Rouge
5. Cinema Paradiso
6. Babette's Feast
7. Veggie Tales - Josh and the Big Wall

Thursday, March 02, 2006

See with your own eyes . . .

the glory that is Pancake Day.

Watch the PANCAKE DAY RACE! Rubes is #1!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This is from The Worship Sourcebook, published jointly by the Calvin institute of Christian Worship, Faith Alive Christian Resources and Baker Books.

Worship calls for our best offerings. When we practice music, prepare words to speak, set aside gifts of money and time to offer, and ensure that we are rested and ready to give our undivided attention, we are practicing the kind of excellence worthy of our great and gracious God.

This struck me as I read it last night. How often am I half-asleep as I read Scripture? How often does my mind wander as I listen to the sermon on a Sunday morning? Am I really giving God my best offering? How often do I go to church because I think that I have to not because I want to? Granted, I am always glad that I did and typically garner something from the service that the Holy Spirit has prepared for me. But, I love to sleep late and sometimes forget that my alertness to God's moving through worship is a form of worship. OK, I don't forget, I didn't even realize it until I read this in my church newsletter last night.

God deserves my best and he isn't getting it. Not even close. I'm a bit ashamed. Time to do something about it though and not wallow in it.

This quote talks of giving our best. That doesn't mean, however, that only the best will do as far as speaking and music and clothes and large amounts of money. It's about the best that each person has to offer. Some people just have more of one thing or another to offer. Some have glorious voices, there best is different then those who can't carry a tune. BOTH are giving a great offering though because they are giving their best and praise the Lord for those people who give, regardless of their talent, as long as it's the best.

That's exciting for me. Yea Jesus!

My dating life

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a 'different' view on dating. Here it is in all it's glory:

I've been single for a long time, no need to mention how long.

So, shortly after I moved to the Twin Cities, I made a resolution. If I wasn't going to have any real dates, I was going to make up my own. Here's how it all works. If I dine with a guy sitting directly to my side or directly across from me - it's a date. If we drive anywhere where a man and I are both in the front or the back seats - it's a date. If there's a bunch of us hangin' out, but I'm sitting next to a guy - it's a date. If a guy and I are doing something together, regardless of what - it's a date. It doesn't matter that none of these are real dates. The key is that I'm deluded enough to be entertained by these 'dates' of mine, but not delusional enough to think that they are real.

It's great fun though to tell guys, in the midst of our activity, that I'm enjoying the date. Some of them are terrified, thinking that I'm serious. I let them squirm just a bit and then let them off the hook. All my friends here know the scoop now, and we just joke about it and have fun - which really is my whole point. And it makes me feel better about not dating anyone. While roses are not involved this way, a good time is had by all. It doesn't really get my mom off my back about not being married, but at least I'm having fun 'dating around.'

Have I ever mentioned that it doesn't take much to entertain me and that usually it's the simple things in life that do?

Japan job interview

Last week I journeyed to Colorado to interview with the Japanese consulate to teach English in Japan. I will know something in early April. I have no idea how the interview went, really. They asked some good hard questions that I had not thought of yet. It was good to think of those things though. I really don't know.

Do I still want to move to Japan for a year to teach English? yes
Do I have any idea if I will be hired? nope
Will I live if I don't get it? yea

I've decided that if I am not hired, I'll move on to another cultural area - Latino. I'll brush up on my espanol and forge ahead. What I'd love to do is move to Colorado (the Springs or up north in the Longmont region, perhaps) and get a job or volunteer within that culture. Any suggestions or job openings?

Beyond the interview . . .
I had a great time in Colorado. It was so much fun to hang with my friends and family. Celebrated Pancake Day early with the fam in Denver (they're from L-town). Had one of my 'dates' (another post) at a fun Brazilian steakhouse with so much food I could burst! I could just list everything I did and then add, "it was great!" but I won't make you suffer. I learned some good things about myself and my life while I was away and that was really good. I didn't really gain any strong insight into what's next, but perhaps a slight direction as well as some things that are not in my future. It's always good to know something, even if it's a no. (Clear as mud?)

I did get to go to the good Friar's Sunday evening aka second service. That's why I flew out on Monday morning because I realy wanted to support him in that and see what it is he is working so hard on these days. I enjoyed it. I understand that there was a smaller turn-out than normal (perhaps they all heard that I was coming and were overwhelmed by the thought of my presence). It was good though and I'm glad I stayed even though it sucked getting up that early the next morning to fly back north.

Worship was about loving the unlovable and asking God to show us who and how to love each day. I'm trying to put that into practice as I prepare for work each morning, before I even get out of bed. I have a few folks I'd rather just ignore, but it's just not possible.

Another dear friend, Andrea, said something wonderful to me today. "Well friend, I pray God gives you influence for his kingdom, since he has certainly used your passion to ignite the fires for Pancake Day." I'm praying that God will ignite some fires in my heart for folks to have us all see his joy.

I'm pooped. I've eaten too many pancakes - they're making me tired. Doesn't matter, I'm having more for supper - yeehaw!