Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Don't poke me!


See, he's winkin' at his favorite, Aunt Amy!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


This afternoon, as I sit at my desk, looking for jobs on the internet (which sucks, when you don't really know what you want to do but can only narrow it down to a geographic area of 4 distinctly different states), I thought I'd blog. I've crusied through my favs, the 4-5 blogs I check on everyday, 3 from people I know and love and 2 from people that they know.

It's wierd, the internet. Full of information. Full of people. Full of oddities. What's real? What is imaginary? There is so much communicated that can't really be clarified without actual tone of voice, raise of an eyebrow, shrug of a shoulder. Imoticons don't cut it really. What I say can be taken any number of ways and will often be taken in a wrong way at least once a day.

Who are these people that I converse with, comment upon and let look at my family photos? I know people into the internet dating and whilst I've tried it, I just couldn't let go of the wierdness of it all, I guess. Who knows if they are lying? I mean, people lie all the time and they do so in person as well. Lying takes place for a variety of reasons, some for legitimate protection (I do a bit of this at my job). It's easier to tell in person, I think, though if a person is lying.

Hmmm, this is random. I guess I could find some menial task to do here for 10 minutes and then think of something else to occupy my time. It would be better than eating the cookies in my desk drawer. I'm not hungry and they aren't that good.

I really wanna scrapbook, read, take a bubble bath, get a massage and have a nice looooong winter's nap. Nope, not gonna happen. I'm instead choosing to go to the Christmas party for my grad school cohort. We've been done 1.5 years and I love that we all still get together! THen there are the 2 parties I'm doing tomorrow. I need to get a grip on my reality and say no. OK, what I really need to do is not take my book to bed with me. I read three fluff books in the last 1.5 weeks and started Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin a few days ago. Really enjoying it but should be sleeping instead of reading. But it's good! I love to read! What a gift it is to read a good book. To learn something new, to see something old in a new light. LOVE IT!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have the security set up on my blog so the wierdos don't get in. Or is it so the wierdos don't get out. Anyway. This is the 'word' that I just had to type in.


What do you think it's dictionary definition would look like? Is it a noun or a verb? hmmm, the things I think of instead of working.

Who's your favorite?

As you can see, I am the most favorite Aunt!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had Thanksgiving in Dallas at Ang & Jeff's. Ruby and I flew in that afternoon and both road in the backseat with the baby while Ang chauffered us around. His mom, Eby, made it all and brought it over. It was YUMMY! Jeff's brothers also joined us and we got a good shot of the family. As you can see, we have much for which to be thankful. In case you weren't aware, little Stuey was about 5.5 weeks early. He's growing and doing well. He's about 8 pounds or so in these pictures. Isn't he handsome!

Some of our favorite poses

Two years ago for my birthday, my parents sent a DVD of old home movies. While my friends and I were watching I was telling them who everyone was. My mother's side of the family has a nickname for just about everyone. My Uncle Bill goes by Starchy. I mentioned that at one point. The next time he was on the screen, one of my friends remarked, "Oh, look, there's Stiffy." Many laughs have been had over that one. Perhaps that's what we should start calling little Adam?

a few more

See, he loves Aunt Amy more - no tears!
He's enjoying a little floor time with the quilt that great Aunt Janet made for him.


He loves his Aunts!

Baby Pictures!

As David so astutely put it in the previous post comments: These are not pictures of me as a baby nor are they pictures of my baby, since I do not have one. They are indeed pictures of my youngest sister's baby, Adam Stuart, who even though I'm not supposed to, I call Stuey. (How should that really be spelled, anyone?)

Now, enjoy!

As you know, Aunt Ruby (Sarah), is a bit fond of the Denver Broncos and was so proud of this little gift that she about wet her pants. I don't think Ang (mama) was near as excited.

song from childhood

Not sure what sparked this one, but had to call the fam to get the real words. And now, so I don't forget them later, here they are for all of you to enjoy, too.

It's to it's own tune, which I can't really post here, so just make up your own to enjoy it. This is from way back in grade school Sunday school age.

Two little fishes and five loaves of bread.
With this little bit of food, the multitude was fed.
Who else but the Son of God,
Could do what the people said?
With two little fishes and five loaves of bread.

Aren't ya glad I'm back and running! Next up, baby pictures!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

not to worry

While a job would be a great gift to recieve today on my birthday. It is not going to happen, at least not the way that I thought it might. I just spoke with an organization in Kansas that I had interviewed with and they have hired someone else. They are interested in me for another position but I dont' know if I want it. It's grant funded only through Aug, so there will be a great deal of fund raising involved to keep the position not only mine, but around at all.

I know that the fam will be more disappointed than I am. It didn't feel like it was the one. I know that there is something out there. Something stellar that I perhaps haven't even imagined. Until then. I will enjoy my fabulous pink fur Christmas tree that I have decorated my desk with for the last three years and I will smile as I drink up the good Dr. (Dr. Pepper, that is).

Have a beautiful day, my friends!

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, my life is GOOD!

I have a job with nice benefits and many people that I enjoy.

I have a place to live, a car to drive, a family that loves me and many, many friends that think I'm a loon.

And I have cowboys on my mittens. Who needs a husband when you have cowboys on your mittens? (A photo of my mittens would've been appropriate here, I'll see what I can do for you, ya'll are gonna love these mittens)

Oh, I got another awesome birthday gift this morning thanks to my sister Ruby (have we ever told ya'll why I call her that?).

STAMPS WITH MY PICTURE ON THEM! I got them last year with a picture from my grad school graduation on them. This year, this is what they had on them.

Have I mentioned that my life is good!

Monday, December 04, 2006

dum, dum, da dum

Some of you may recall a goal I made for myself about 1.5 years ago. (I know Ruby and the Friar do, they have a tendancy of reminding me lest I forget.)

The goal was to be married by the end of 2006. Good grief, I hope I never verbalized that to my mother, I KNOW she won't forget, who knows what kind of conversations will come up at Christmas time if I told her.

Well, unless God intervenes, and He is a mighty God with the power to do miracles (because that is what it would take), I have to admit that I will not be meeting this goal.



heaving sigh.

giggle. giggle. giggle.

giggle turning into laughter of insanity and tears.

laughter and tears turning into tears.

tears. tears. and many more tears.

tears coming from a depth so deep, I didn't know it existed.

tears coming at a length so long, I didn't remember when they started.

tears that so drained me that I needed two bottles of water to begin the rehydration process.

tears that bring a weariness that leads to a beautiful deep sleep and a freedom from all that had been buried. hidden. avoided. ignored. feared.

freedom at least for awhile.


So, it's been awhile so here's some stuff.

I've switched to beta and don't see a difference, really. hmmm. Hope I can remember yet ANOTHER password and log-in.

Tomorrow. Wow. Well, tomorrow is my birthday. 33. Yup. I think I feel older nowing that my cousin turned 16 on Friday. yikes!

Plans for tomorrow? work, then who knows? Had lunch with some friends yesterday and got a great cheese slicer with some new cheeses (I LOVE CHEESE!) and a wonderful handknit scarf. Folks gave me two fun Christmas trees earlier (one is purple and one is white/opalescent).

Still have no new job. Working on that. I have a stellar resume, but not a job yet, so I continue to pray and we'll wait and see. I just read a book based in Colorado Springs and it makes me want to move there even more! I love that place!

Happy birthday eve to me!