Wednesday, September 19, 2007

finally here

That's right.

I am finally in Nairobi. I'm pooped. But it is soooo good.

I'm living with a family right now which is wonderful and yet I do not want to live there. I am anxious to be on my own and have my own space and quit living out of a suitcase. It's something that I need to let go of and get over, but I'm struggling right now. I move into a guest house for two weeks to take Swahili lessons but then back to the family. It's good. I know it's best and I will learn so much culture etc. But still. I want to be on my own.

It comes down to control. I don't have a lot in my life right now and I WANT IT!

I'll survive.

Just a quick note. I'm needing some information but it's in someone's office where there is a closed-door meeting. I supposed to have a meeting with all of those people today, in fact, 16 minutes ago was the sceduled start time. I wonder if they'll break for lunch or anything. Then I'd have someone to go ot lunch with anyway.

I ate the best darned pineapple ever yesterday. We bought it from the DelMonte fields. YUMMY! supper was soooo good with that as the dessert.