Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 oddities about me

Rubes tagged me from her myspace, so here are 8 oddities about Amy.

1. I won a cowchip throwing contest when I was in grade school.
2. I hate to sweat.
3. When there is no music playing for too long, I almost always start singing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" and have no idea why.
4. Ruby's germ fear, I am concerned have rubbed off on me a bit.
5. I had 8 fillings redone over the past 6 months.
6. I know most of the lines to one of the best movies ever, When Harry Met Sally and I don't care that SOME people think it's a chick flick.
7. I'm hair challenged and had my best friend do my hair before school until I was like a junior in high school.
8. I hate going jean shopping. I would rather shop for a swimming suit.

If you feel so inclined as to make your own list, let me know.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Farewell Senegal!

That's right, I fly out of Dakar this afternoon to land in Bamako, Mali. I'm looking forward to this because it means I'm one step closer to Kenya - yea! I know that I will learn a ton with the people that I will be working with as well. I'm trying to enjoy these moments where my brain isn't stuffed while I can.

I have added another B&B on the sidebar and want to mention it here, too. Some friends of mine (actually, it's Carrie the Adventurer's parents) live up in Alaska and have a beautiful B&B that I highly recommend. It's just beautiful, the food is fabulous and the hosts are a delight! Not to mention that the address is on EASY STREET! How great is that!

My time in Senegal has been mostly good. I'm not very happy with the fact that there are lizards IN MY SUITCASE and in my home, but God and I are working on that one right now. We're starting with tiny lizards. I get the creeps just talking about them though.

Here's a picture of the one I shooed out of my suitcase last week. I thought I was going to die.

Anyway, many blessings to each of you. I've got just enough time to add the picture and shut the computer down before we head to the apt to get our stuff and drive the airport. yippee!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Africa pictures!

Hello my friends! If you are interested I have posted two albums of Africa pictures. They are the same ones if you have been on my other blog. If not, enjoy!

I've limited webtime and hope to post a thing or two latter but there's some good stuff on the other 'business' blog if you get a chance.

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