Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Amy Thompson, M.A.

That's right, friends and neighbors, I defended this afternoon and all is right with the world. I have already made half of the suggested (required) changes and hope to have the rest done before heading to KS for my sister's wedding this weekend.

Joy to the World!

Praise the Lord!

Let's all dance!

Boogie your butt off!

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and cheers! Hooray!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I'm on a roll the last couple of days . . . Come on, Friar, bring back the best of list, I'm sure Ben and I will both make it!

Here's some response to yet another article (this one is one that I can link to however) that I wanted to share.

My favorites are #4, #6 andf #7.

I'm trying to downsize my life and I'm sorta pround that I've thrown away 3-4 pair of shoes and a pair of slippers, not to mention a mixer that was a bit rusty. I'm a hoarder and will save something forever to use it for something special. I keep reminding myself that TODAY is special, dang it. Jesus made it just for me. I don't always treat each day that way, but I try. You should see my tiara. (I've gotta get a digital camera, I guess.)

#7 is a big one for me who is into quality time. I want it, but do I give it? Thought just crossed my mind.

What do you think of the article? Are you trying to downsize/simplify your life? How? Any of these ways?

My body is a temple

"I don’t intend to quit exercising. I’ve just learned that it’s important to separate truth from untruth. True: God created my body, and refers to it as a temple (1 Cor. 3:16). It’s logical that I take care of it. True: God is less concerned with outer beauty, which is dictated by human standards, than with inner beauty (1 Sam. 16:7). True: In God’s eyes, beauty is a gentle and quiet spirit. He tells me to dress with good deeds (1 Tim. 2:10) rather than the wardrobe of the rich and famous. I see appearances; God sees hearts. God’s way, at least for me, takes more work."

This is taken from an article I just read. I desire excercise, me, can you believe it? I need a way to get rid of some of my tension and energy and figure this is a constructive way to do that. I live in a big crime-ridden city and am not willing to walk alone when I'm available, which is usually after dark.

My youngest sister is getting married in two weeks. That in itself is a story not to be told today. However, I don't want to go back home looking the way I look today. I will, I don't see crazy lose 30 pounds in a week in a half miracles happening, but am I finally at a point where I'm willing to quit bitchin' and moanin' and do something about it.

I don't want tips. Just thinkin' out loud. I have some cravings that I'm trying to feed the wrong way - with food. Most importantly I crave God, really I do. I crave his love, his undivided attention, his lavishness flowing over me, his guidance and his joy in and for me, his child. Instead of feeding that craving with him and his word and worshiping him, I eat.
Again, no tips please. Just doing what ya do with a blog. Get it out and move with it.

I can't link to this article for some reason so here is the text if you are interested:
Running in Place
By Meghan Price

Though I can’t hear the sound, and I’ve never seen an episode, I identify the show immediately: On the personal TV next to mine, a fellow exerciser is watching America’s Next Top Model. Solemn and sensuous, Tyra Banks addresses a crowd of runway hopefuls. I’m listening to a praise and worship CD. Running on a treadmill gets boring, so I use the time to pray or figure out my life. My earbuds are drowning the grating, grunting gym soundtrack with the message that the presence of God is better than the things of this world. I believe it. I’m above all that superficial stuff.

So why do I keep glancing back at that TV screen? I run harder, outpacing my music’s rhythm. Maybe my brain won’t notice that my eyes are surreptitiously examining each contestant, wondering how I would fare in that crowd. Would anyone pick me as a future model? She’s prettier than I am … but maybe not her … I could wear that outfit. Why don’t I ever dress like that? Frustrated, I accelerate my pace. The more I will myself to return my attention to God, the more fixated I become on the models. Their flawless skin. Their confident smiles. I remind myself that becoming America’s Next Top Model isn’t the way to please God.

Not that you could, a little voice says. You’re not that beautiful. Exhausted, I stop running. This race is already lost.

The workplace. Midnight out on the town. Alone with your date, back at his place. A prolonged visit with a difficult family member (or 10). These are arenas where spiritual conflict swells. But a gym? What’s so perilous about working out? It’s important for my future wellbeing. So what if it indulges—a tiny bit—the same part of me that feigns ignorance when my cleavage shows a little too much in a certain beloved dress? In the past year, I’ve been surprised to discover that my gym is one of the places I most acutely feel the pull to pursue a worldly image—because it’s a place where my material desires mingle subtly with my good intentions.

When I joined, it was in that hopeful New Year’s spirit of making over my entire life. I had a new job and a new relationship, and it was time to unleash that gorgeous, healthy body I knew I could achieve. Despite the initial enthusiasm, my life-modifying athletic regimen never exactly took over. In those contemplative hours in a windowless basement crammed with machines, weights and America’s undiscovered next top models, I’ve learned less about my body than I have about my heart. And it hasn’t all been pretty.

This comparative side of me pipes up unexpectedly, evaluating my shape versus that of the woman next to me, my time on the elliptical machine versus hers. I am drawn into an intense scrutiny of my body in a gigantic wall-size mirror. My body and I are in a love-hate phase. I see muscle in my arms, and I love it. I flex those tiny bumps. But when I catch myself standing in front of the mirror too long in the morning, approving one thing and plotting to alter another, I hate how much I care. Somehow my self-worth has gotten caught in the mirror. I’ve bought the myth of the makeover show—the misconception that improving my image will break its hold on me.

I’m in an OK place on the self-esteem scale, but I’m not deaf to the world’s siren: Look this way. Get this body. Use it like this. Even for smart, spiritual women, it’s hard to banish the thought that the next tangible thing would give control. Really, it’s the original lie from the Garden of Eden. Only the bait has changed. Duh, Satan, I think. Get a new ploy.
Nah, I imagine the response. The old one works just fine.

I don’t intend to quit exercising. I’ve just learned that it’s important to separate truth from untruth. True: God created my body, and refers to it as a temple (1 Cor. 3:16). It’s logical that I take care of it. True: God is less concerned with outer beauty, which is dictated by human standards, than with inner beauty (1 Sam. 16:7). True: In God’s eyes, beauty is a gentle and quiet spirit. He tells me to dress with good deeds (1 Tim. 2:10) rather than the wardrobe of the rich and famous. I see appearances; God sees hearts. God’s way, at least for me, takes more work.

I could use exercise to chase an image. But the message of God says that one day fully in His presence, in any body, is better than thousands with legs that don’t jiggle and shoulder blades that don’t jut out.

“What do you want today?” the instructor asks at the start of Thursday evening body sculpting.

“Thighs!” “Abs!” “Booty!” the women in the class call out. I never say anything. What I want today is to make peace with my workout. To appreciate it for what it really can do—no more, no less.
Meghan Price lives in Cambridge, Mass., but she still thinks of New Jersey as home and the mountains as a piece of heaven. She is a freelance writer and full-time copyeditor.

Have comments or feedback about this article? Send your thoughts to feedback@radiantmag.com. Unless otherwise requested, your comments and name may be published.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ayers Rock ( Uluru ) in the evening. The second largest monolith on earth. It has great significance for our Aborigine's and there are a number of sacred sites at its base. An Aboriginal Cultural Centre is nearby.

Different note, now that I've been rejected everywhere, I'm going to apply for a job in Australia and then I can be SanNakji's neighbor. Really, I am going to apply, we'll see.

I'm currently reading this book and it's challenging me far more than I thought.

It's the same things I know, I guess I'm just at a point where I'm ready to hear them?

One of the big things for me is the idea of the unhurried life, which my good friend Ben has also recently discussed.

I always want to fill my schedule to the brim and then exhaust myself. I'm not enjoying myself as much if I'm not surrounded with people and we're doing something. I'm a doer, and not a very good sitter. There is so much benefit in sitting. "Be still and know that I am God." I know this, I really do. I'm just not good at it. Ask anyone who has ever gone on vacation with me. Really, I'm a bit insane.

I'm too tired to think any further. My throat hurts from 24 hours or more of draining sinuses and no caffeine (that sugary sweet doesn't taste good with my throat already coated, I just want to eat bread and crakers so that it will absorb all that ick, even though it doesn't really). Not that I haven't gorged myself today. A gal on my Unit, Nicole, it's her last day here and we ate like we'd never eaten before. Goodness. I can't even let myself go back there or I'll explode. I could fast for the next 36 hours at least, I'm guessing and still not get hungry. Will I? Doubt it.

Enough rambling. Faretheewell.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Insert massively large scream here ________

Yup, every job I thought was perfect, apparently wasn't perfect for me. Got the word a bit ago in an email that I didn't get the college job.

I also just found out that I will FINALLY be defending my thesis next Monday at 1:45. What?! Iin the middle of the day when I can't leave work until at least 1 due to payroll. ARGH! At least it will be done. I hate this school.

I'm just sick about it all. I'm off to Outback Steakhouse for Martini Monday and the pomegranate taquini.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Church job

Nope, my meeting last night was to tell me that I did not get the job at the church. I'm OK with that. Now I wait to hear about the college job and apply for the Fair job and keep looking.

I hate looking for jobs.

Anyone out there want to pay me 50k a year with no strings attached and give me my own truck? Didn't think so, but thought I'd ask.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Job update

No word except that it could be another week or two from the college and tonight they are interviewing the second and only other person they are going to interview, for now anyway, at the church. I'm nervous and actively searching for more.

Let's Dance!

You have got to see this one for a walk down memory lane, turn it up and groove!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bird flu hits Florida!

All Hail to Ben!

Hooray of Horrays! My Ben is back! Ben and I went to college together and laughed until we wet our pants (I don't really remember, but it definately could've happened, particularly that time I answered the hall phone and was yelling throughout the dorm for an inappropriate named made-up individual) and I miss her now that she's in Cali. But, welcome back to the blogworld, my friend!

Friday, May 05, 2006


It's driving me crazy! I might hear, and am really hoping that I do, about the college job this afternoon. It's killin' me! They could call me anytime within the next couple of hours and I'm hoping they doooooooo.

While I'm hoping it's a call with an excellent offer, I guess, I would just like to know. Although if it's not an offer, do I want to start my weekend that way? hmmmm


Hospital Behavior

When you have a loved one in the hospital, please think of these things.

1. If you have a large family, name 1 person as the contact. There are privacy laws that do not allow anyone at the hospital to give out any information without written consent. You will save time, confusion and stress if there is only one person to contact. It will also be incredibly helpful to the hospital staff to only work with one primary person. You will also allow more time for staff to be with your loved one instead of on the phone with you and 16 others, all asking the same questions.

2. When I say loved one, I mean immediate family member. Unfortunately, you just don't count if you aren't related, in the world of health care.

3. Visitation hours are set for a reason. For the rest of the patient, you (you are not helpful if you are tired and cranky) and an opportunity for the staff to take care of things that are not as easy to do with an audience (like a bath or enema, do you really want to see that?).

4. Be informed. Don't be afraid to ask questions, in face, keep a list handy for when you see the doctors. But do remember that they went to school for a very long time to know what they know and do what they do. You can be informed and involved and not be irritating and high maintenence. Irritating is bad, very, very bad. Don't irrate your caregivers. They will still take care of you but will no longer like you.

5. Give the staff some love, particularly the RNs. They do all the grunt work and get to know you and your patient. Don't be afraid to encourage and thank them.

6. Be patient, staff wants to give the best care possible to each patient, but remember that there are many patients in the hospital (not to mention that the staff also has to eat and go to the RR, just like you).

7. I had another good one, but have drawn a blank. I think it's all the difficult families and bad smells.

Tag additions

I hurt when I fall down.

I love to be on the move.

I hope to not be single forever and a day.

I crave to love a man so deeply I can't imagine never having loved him.

I care enough to send the very best.

I always am right, I'm Lady Amy, Queen of the Freakin' Universe, 'member?

I long to love like God wants me to, not like I really do.

I feel frustrated because I'm not done with my thesis yet.

I listen to those I care about and who know me best.

I hide my dirty laundry (literally or figuratively, you pick)

I drive a white trash hoopty! hooray!

I play with my friends and we have a grand ol' time!

I search the web all day instead of working.

I know Jesus loves me. Hands down.

I fail to control my pride sometimes.

I sleep late whenever possible (had to go with the Friar's most excellent answer here)

I worry about not literally being there for my family.

I have tickets and table reservations for an awesome concert in downtown tonight where I'm going to get to wear my rockin' sexy shoes (although they don't show my paisley red & gold color)!

I fight against those who hurt the people I love.

I wait impatiently.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not it!

From San Nakji

While I doubt that I can beat the genius that is our friend from down under, here is my effort at the latest game of Tag.

I AM: The Queen of the Freakin' Universe

I WANT: too much to mention in this short space (although since it is my space - but not myspace.com - I guess I could take as much as I want, although I won't)

I WISH: had a job that paid superdy-duperdy well, that I was passionate about (in a good way) and allowed me to travel

I HATE: that men just don't get it (realizing I might hear it for this one)

I MISS: my the good ol' days of yesteryear

I FEAR: being old and alone with nothing to watch but Little House on the Prairie

I HEAR: Paris is lovely in the Springtime

I WONDER: why it's a federal crime to remove the tag from my pillow or mattress.

I REGRET: that you don't all have the joy of knowing me personally, because, well, not only am I the Queen of the Freakin' Universe, I am freakin' hilarious!

I AM NOT: going to admit that I won a cow-chip throwing contest unless it's absolutely necessary for survival

I DANCE: the chicken dance and the Y (I can do those really well, even with the white man's overbite!)

I SING: in the shower, the car, the elevator, wherever the music hits me I CRY: not enough

I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice (I know, shocking for the Queen of the Freakin' Universe to say such a thing, but true)

I MAKE: up stuff

I WRITE: with too many () -(I know, shocking!)

I CONFUSE: myself, for not only am I Queen of the Freakin' Universe, some of you may remember that I am also Lady Amy of Sealand

I NEED: a nap or my new favorite beverage or my always favorite beverage

I SHOULD: be working instead of playing in the blogworld

I START: drinking tea to stay warm in this frigid atmosphere in which I live

I FINISH: books I start (I think I've only not done so a couple of times and those were mostly required reading in high school)

I TAG: Ruby, Carrie, Robin and Januea

Rocky Mountain Low

I have heard from the job in Colorado Springs and I will not be making a move there anytime soon. It was a great experience but apparently I am not the best person for the job. A bit of a bummer, I was looking forward to the mountains and being closer to my family and some of my old friends, but I'm glad to know, regardless.

While I didn't get the job there, I have learned more about an amazing ministry. If you are interested in helping eleviate poverty in children around the world, I really encourage you to check out Compassion International. I'm excited about the awesome way they reach out in a holistic fashion to end the cycle of poverty around the world. It really is a great opportunity to help a huge problem.

I interviewed for a job I never thought I'd be doing (youth director) at my church last night. I'll be hearing from the other college job within the next week. yea!

And that's the job update for now. Thanks for you happy thoughts and prayers. They are tremendously appreciated.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Grandad!

This weekend was the celebration for my Grandad's 85th birthday. I wasn't able to attend for a variety of reason and looking at all of the photos my dad sent me made me a bit sad about not being there.

My Grandad is the farmer in the striped shirt (Dad's dad) and the rest are his siblings. Only one brother is not still living, he passed away in the Korean War, I think. Aunt Marjorie, Aunt AnnaLou and then the twins, Uncles Clare and Clyde. Good times in rural America. (Most of them still live in the hometown in south central KS, population of the town - no stoplight needed - about 1000?)

For those who know me and have ever visited my house (or my stupid myspace page) you'll begin to understand the pull of the sexy tractor (listen to the song!).