Friday, April 20, 2007

Give your best

This is a great outlook, I hope that I live more like this each day.

Africa blog

Yup, I have a new blog about my journey to Africa.

There's not much on it yet . . .

Open to suggestions. What do you wanna see?

Friday, April 13, 2007


That's right. I'm heading to IOWA this weekend. I know you're all jealous. I'm going to NW IA for a friend's nephew's baptism. We're going to visit Karissa and see her new place and office and we get to head to Sioux Falls, SD to go to the new (and now closest to the Twin Cities) SONIC! I can hardly wait! I love that place! Route 44 here I come!

Lynnae's brother, Brian, is getting married this fall and I'm going to miss it, being in Africa and all. So I'm taking down the gifts this weekend. I'm just going to give them to Shannon, even though Brian will appreciate them, I am sure. However, today is his birthday and I don't want him to die of embarassment on his birthday, ya know. But it's so much fun to give lingerie!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Have any of you ever taken this stuff? It's a liquid vitamin/mineral supplement. It tastes like vitamins, but seems to be good. I guess I can't really talk much yet. I tried out two different flavors last week and then opted to go with one and started it yesterday so I need more time.

I'll keep you posted.

(I do have a friend who sells it though if you're interested.)

reading and theft

I'm trying to read a book suggested by a dear friend. It's about an outpost/mission built in Kenya way back in the day. I want to read it, I really do. I'm just having a hard time getting into it. I'm not thirty pages in and it seems to take a long time to get anywhere. I guess I'll take it to Iowa with me this weekend, maybe that will help, some solid time reading uninterrupted.

I work with volunteers one a large scale now and we have one in particular that is a dear old lady, she steals. She takes books and such by the bag. Now, we got them donated to us, but still, they are for the patients. I put a big sign on the door, we'll see if that helps. I think she might be taking an extra meal voucher each day, too. Not certain on that one. My understanding is that she has money, this must be why. She keeps taking things from us so that she doesn't have to buy them.

Does that make me mean? Does it mean that I have an oversensitive sense of justice? hmmm, need to work on those things. I am judgemental and am becoming more aware of it when I'm doing it or after I've done it and try to correct it. I'm not everyone's mother. I'd like to rule the world - my ideas truly are brilliant and my ways are sure. Maybe I can work out something with San Nakji and we can rule together? He and his wife can be Mr. & Mrs. President and I'll be the Queen.

Maybe that idea needs some work.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Open House

I'm having an open house tonight to hopefully sell a bunch of my stuff. I have a lot of Creative Memories stock as well as furniture etc, that I really do not want to have to pack.

packing is icky

Should be fun, but as usual, I'm not totally prepared and need to get my butt outta work early so that I can finish it all up. Not to mention that I was up late last night preparing for a couple of presentations EARLY (for me) this morning. They went really well though, so that's alrighty, I guess.

I can tell that my morning is going to be the far more productive part of the day for my brain.

I miss you all! 2-3 days a week I have access to a computer at lunch. I need to get back into this!

Have a great day to you all!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

AFrica update

I have an appt. at the International clinic in a few weeks.

Should have the finalized orientation schedule by 4-10 (I hope) and will know much more then.


Working on getting everything together for my work permit to go through.

That's what I know for now.

Happy Easter

It's been awhile and I'm still at work today, but here's wishing you all a wonderful Easter. For a great read, jump on over and visit the Friar.

I've struggled lately with what to say. What to say here, to people in live-time and on other blogs. I'm enjoying listening and reading, but am having a hard time focusing enough to comment. Hard to develop rational, thoughtful words that seem to matter, or sometimes words that make sense.

Occassionally I feel like I'm floating through some cloud-like haze. hmmm, maybe I need a nap?

I'm decorating eggs with some firends tonight who have never done that before (where have they been?!) and tomorrow brings tea with a bunch of friends at two different times throughout the day. There's little better than a good cuppa with friends and sharing new things and old things and thoughts of all inbetween. (the first tea is a friend's new place and the second is at a great tea shop that my friends have yet to visit)

Sunday brings Easter. What a glorious day! To remember so vividly the joy of my life. THat my Jesus loves me so much that not only did he take all of my sins upon him and die a horribly humiliating and painful death that I cannot imagine, but he has the power to RISE AGAIN!

Praise the Lord, He is Risen, He is Risen INDEED!

Really, what can I say after that. Love and joy to each of you.